100 Mile Club
The 100 Mile Club is for those members who complete running 100 miles or more with the ‘Club’ during the year.  The runs that are included in this tally are those held on Sunday throughout the year and the Summer Monday Runs.  The spreadsheet will be posted here so you can watch your progress.

Those who achieve 100 Miles will receive their award at the Awards in January each year.  In order to be included in the 100 Mile Club make sure your mileage for each club run has been

100 Mile Club 2014

First Name Last Name Total Miles
Tim  Powers 264.1
Linda  Hart 262.2
Rick Hart 259.5
Jim Crooks 253.1
Kevin  Guthrie 234.4
Amanda McNinch 231.8
Joe  Vanek 203.8
Becky  Bailey 178.0
Holly Miller 170.4
George Bartholomew 153.1
Bob  Gerdes 145.1
Eric Martin 138.4
Bob Klempay 137.9
Steve  Luthern 133.4
Ken  Rech 131.5
Rick  Kaleda 125.2
Diane Downey 120.3
Tony Parish 112.7
Amy  Ballard 112.6