Race Directors
By Dan Shields

What are you thinking?  I have been asked to help with many, many races so this has inspired me to create this page for you the "RACE DIRECTOR".  Many of you have been doing this for years others not so lucky.  It ain't easy!  But it can be rewarding.  Where to start?  The date, the course/location, the police, the insurance, the sponsors, the application, the timing, and so it goes.

As the Road Runners Club of America State Rep for Ohio I have information that will help each of you whether you are new at being a Race Director or an old hat.  It does not matter if you are a RRCA event member or not the information is good for everyone.  The RRCA is a grassroots organization and happy to share with everyone.

In Ohio RRCA event members range from the Flying Pig Marathon to the Youngstown Peace Race.  The reasons are many but the biggest are the cheap insurance ( [Road Running - Road Runners Club of America - Services Insurance])(http://www.rrca.org/join/join/documents/insurancefaq.pdf).

And non profit tax exemption (501(c)3)(With the RRCA National Office handling most of the paperwork, each nonprofit club can obtain the IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit, tax-exempt status through the RRCA group exemption. There is a small amount of paperwork for your club but no delay and no additional fees. Your club does not have to pay federal income tax on related income. As a nonprofit organization, your club or event can attract sponsors, obtain permits, receive civic support, and commitments from public groups). 

I was recently asked about how to handle sponsor money for a new event.  I'm not a banker nor do I pretend to know the answer to such a question but do know someone with the answer.  Another question was, 'which bank will treat us as a non profit charitable organization most fairly', again I did not have the answer but have a contact who is a former bank official who had the answer.  What I'm trying to convey here is I might be able to answer your question without personally knowing the answer.....ask, danrun@zoominternet.net.

You can ask through an email or by going to the different blogs and clicking on - Comment and enter your question.

Race Guides

A list of things that need to be completed in order of importance.

1.Race Date/time


3.Course approval



6.Medical Coverage

7.Race Application

8.Application Printing


10. Bib Numbers & supplies

11.T-Shirts (runners)

12.T-Shirts (volunteers)

Team Members

1.Chief Volunteer

2.Public Relations

3.Distribution - applications

4.Entry processing

5.Bib number preparation

6.Registration - Race Day

7.Course Security

8.Course signage

9.Water Stops

10. Equipment


12.Finish Line


14.T-Shirt Distribution

15.Public Address System




19.Results to media

Look Ahead
Today I have come across three things that are very important to you race directors.  One being make sure that your race's starting time is on the application, your website and everything else related to your race.

Check local race schedules to make sure you are not over populating a particular date.  The Youngstown Road Runners Club originally created the Race Booklet to help Race Directors make sure the date they selected for their race did not have too many races already scheduled.   We would like to have each race maximize the revenue it produces for it's charity.  The YRRC has been around the local racing community since 1975.  They have tons of knowledge and are willing to share it.

Lastly, be sure to include a means to contact someone affiliated with the race... a contact person.  Do this with an email address, phone number or website address.  If you want people to know about what your race has to offer, it's cause or general information provide your customer with a means to contact you.  Who knows they may want to become a sponsor of your race.

Benefits of RRCA Event Membership

Quarterly newsletter

Nonprofit status


Free Race Calendar listing

Gatorade Sponsorship of Championship Races

Use of the RRCA Logo

RRCA Convention

Voting privileges at RRCA Annual meeting

Updates of RRCA activities

Chance to host National, Regional & State Championship Races

Fuel Belt materials for hosting Championship Races

Product discounts from Corporate Supporters

Updates of other benefits from sponsors & supports

RRCA Website
If you are a race director you will need to go to the new website and enter your race on the free race calendar.  The reason, the rrca.org website gets 800,000 hits a year.  This is mighty large potential to get your race information viewed.   Go to rrca.org click on Find an Event and then click on Enter an event.  You will then need to register for a password.  This will protect your event from being tampered with by someone else. 

This site is a great tool and you don't need to be a member of the RRCA to use it!!!